Thursday, October 29, 2015

Here I am after so many years to write all the hurt again. Once more it is about you, for the past 45 months my life revolved around you, amazing it was. After 45 months of togetherness, increased maturity, and immense love, here I am living our 'oh-so expected break up'; it had to happen, now or later, it had to!

I don't blame you or anyone, this was decided way before we were together.However, it is hard to accept it, to live without you everyday baby. But as every great human beings say, one has to move on.


I have always written about the hurt, well our 45 months was definitely full of ups and downs same as every relationships on earth.We built on memories, we conquered our fears, we supported each other through our bad times and shared our good ones. Yes, I do cry for you everyday, it hurts and sometimes it soothes.  I do know this is only for a very short period and soon this phase will be over.I fight my own demons so as not to bring you back, bring us back how we were before, trust me this is not an easy work. 

Yet, what gives me the utmost courage to leave you where you are is the way you have managed to settle with the thought of not being my dearest bf. As you said you managed 'to condition yourself' leaves me perplexed and definitely heart broken. But I can say this is definitely for our good. 

45 months, I am grateful you made me the person I am today. 

I just pray that soon, I will also be able to settle down with the thought of seeing you with someone else.
I love you A. (Well I hope this is only for the time being)

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